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Artist bio:

Noah Saunders and Tommy McKelvey are the focal point of Lowercase People: as tight-knit musicians, they know exactly the kind of sound they have formed together. Acclaimed for their high-wind, energetic live performances, the New Jersey band prides themselves in resurfacing analog sounds into the modern era; combining elements of sample-based electronica and alternative rock into their songs. Noah is the lyricist of the band, supporting in vocals/keyboards; while drums/samples/programming is held down by Tommy. Together, they write music in a self-described rabbit trail: partially motivated by their ADHD, but also motivated by their mutual passion for music production. Garnering attention for their unique artistry, Lowercase People went on as tour support for Nashville-based synth-pop project PHANGS. 
On July 1st, 2019, they released their first single, “Air”, off of their upcoming EP, titled "Influx", set for release in the spring of 2020. 



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"What makes Lowercase People’s Influx a success is the dichotomy of sound within each track while still being grounded by a common electronic landscape. There’s a signature tone within each song that ties the EP together while still leaving room to experiment with dynamics and vocal runs and lyrical themes. It’s an impressive debut release considering the band is so young, but that just leaves room for more promise in the future." - Philly Live

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"Their music combines the intricacies of sampling, self-production, and the many genres they’re influenced by. It’s hard to put them into a box — and you shouldn’t, because there’s a lot to discover with them."

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"Not only does 'Blooming' highlight the New Jersey band’s knack for analog and sampling experimentation, but it also offers insight on Lowercase People’s creative process. Not every artist can create sonically compelling tracks, but Lowercase People certainly can."

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